"To love and serve God,
love our neighbors
as ourselves, and share
His Word and promises
with the world."

"We bring you good tidings of
the promise
made unto
the fathers..."

-Acts 13:32

Connecting souls with Jesus Christ is the heart of any true evangelistic effort. My role, as an evangelist, is to open up God’s love to people on a personal level, and to foster an environment where they can feel comfortable worshipping and building relationships with Christians. I like to emphasize the two greatest commandments according to Jesus – to love God, and to love each other (Matt 22:37ff).
Some personal notes:  I am 43 years old and have been married to Jana (Roush) since 1998.  We have three children – a daughter, age 8, and two boys, ages 5 and 3.  Jana does not work outside the home, but devotes herself to homeschooling our children and is continually helping me to open up our home to other Christians and potential Christians in our community.
A little about Jeff...
I am very excited to begin my work for the Lord with the Hockinson church of Christ! My wife and I both grew up in California and we feel as though we are now returning to our roots as we begin this new phase of our life together on the West Coast.
My walk with Christ began in 1993 when I picked a church out of the yellow pages in the phone book, thinking that “Church of Christ” sounded non-denominational. I was a twenty-three year-old college student with no knowledge of spiritual things, and I knew that something big was missing from my life. Within four months I was baptized into Jesus Christ for the remission of my sins.
In college, I majored in History at CSU Sacramento with every intention of teaching high school or college. As my knowledge of the scriptures increased, however, so did my desire to spread the Good News.  I have now preached in California, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia. I have also held Gospel Meetings in about 15 states and have traveled to Romania four times to teach and encourage the Christians meeting there.

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